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Forgotten Female Composers #2: Louise Farrenc (1804 - 1875) TALK // PERFORMANCE

12. März 2022

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART - Robert SCHUMANN - Felix MENDELSSOHN. What do they have in common? They were the brothers/husbands of amazing women who history deemed less worthy of attention.
FORGOTTEN FEMALE COMPOSERS #12: is the second talk of a new series exploring the works and lives of the women composers throughout history who have fallen into obscurity through no other fault than their gender.
On a monthly basis we'll be discovering and exploring names that aren't yet well known, and delve a little deeper into ones that haven't been completely lost to history. We'll explore the historical and socio-political situations that led to their work being devalued, and find out what we can learn from their life and work. The format of each evening will be an introductory talk, a short performance or excerpt of their work, and an open discussion afterwards.
In a time where the world is fast starting to ask questions about those left behind, the classical music establishment is slow to move its feet: it is time to start understanding and belatedly acknowledging the trailblazers from the past, as well as provide a space to appreciate and celebrate their work.
So bring along your curiosity: let us spread the word, disseminate the information (whilst de-semen-ating music), and stimulate the urge to keep discovering hidden musical gems of the past and near present.

Marin Limić - Artist talk and piano performance

6. März 2022

We are proud to present Marin Limić on our small 4 octave piano in KAPiTAL.
Limić is a pianist, composer and teacher from Klis, Croatia, now based in Berlin, Germany. He completed his elementary and secondary education at the Josip Hatze Music school in Split and in 2003, he was awarded the first prize on piano at the Croatian National Competition for Students. Limić's repertoire includes the works of classical composers, as well as his own compositions and piano arrangements. In 2016, he received an award from the Croatian Ministry of Culture for his piano composition Tokata, op. 33.
For the 1st time he will experiment with computer emulated orchestral and other sounds in a concert. Some of the works will be premiered this evening at KAPiTAL. The works are composed in different times and without deadlines.
"2005"(piano solo) 5'
French tune (with strings) 3'
Preludes op.20 and Etude op.2 5'(piano solo)
Beginning of summer (with strings) premiere 4'
Piano concerto 3rd mov. (with orchestra) 6'
Tokata (with electronics by/ft. Borna Kljaković-Gašpić) 4'
A story (piano solo) premiere 4'


Artist talk Sel Duran

2. März 2022

Sel Duran is an artist living, producing and exhibiting art more than 10 years in Neukölln, Berlin. The art of Sel is spanning from video, performance, drawings, painting, sound, writing and music. He also organises group events and gives talks on modern and contemporary art. The art of Sel has a particular critic and theory side in each work and is closely connected to modern art history.
We will listen to the story and tendencies of his last 3 years as an artist, mostly tied around drawings and video-still speech records by the artist.
You can find his drawings under and video-still speeches on artists YouTube channel Sel Duran Art Channel.

NFT Stammtisch

23. Feb. 2022

We are excited to welcome you to our February NFT Stammtisch. This evening we have invited 3 artists working with NFTs who will talk a bit about their experience and show some of their work.
Paul Thomas
Paul is a painter, sculptor and digital artist who has been active in Berlin and Seattle.
Trev El. Viz
Is a Dublin born, Berlin based visual artist working in both physical & digital spaces.
Blue Moon
Blue Moon is a performance and mixed media artist and activist. Her work serves to inspire and empower people to make positive changes in their lives and their communities.

After the talk there will be time for questions and conversations at the bar. If you don't have a NEAR wallet yet and would like to get started, we will also be helping out with this.
The event will be live streamed and it will be possible to join the meeting both in KAPiTAL Bar and online. Please contact us on for a link to join online.

Artist talk Aleš Porubský. Self-mythologizing and self-expression

16. Feb. 2022

In his artistic practice Aleš Porubský mostly focuses on his personal life experiences. To him it is the most natural way of self-expression. He has an expressive style of work that is very gestic and lively, which is also a significant content vehicle in his work. He is continuously trying to change and develop his style and adapt it to the content. His work is always centred around content, being the main navigation point for his artistic practice and why he is a painter at all. He uses encounters from his personal life as inspiration to his motifs and ways of expressing himself to evoke emotions and to reflect his own feelings towards the situations.
In his current series of paintings, he focusing on himself, analysing parts of his personality in the endeavours of doing some kind of self-mythologizing. His series of paintings started as stylized self-portraits, but his persona in these self-portraits later changed into some kind of fairy tale trolls who are living a life of their own.
Join us for an evening with Aleš Porubský and self-mythologizing in KAPiTAL.

Forgotten Female Composers #1: Marianna Martines (1744 - 1812) TALK // PERFORMANCE

30. Jan. 2022

We are a small space so first come first serve. And remember 2G+
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART - Robert SCHUMANN - Felix MENDELSSOHN. What do they have in common? They were the brothers/husbands of amazing women who history deemed less worthy of attention.
FORGOTTEN FEMALE COMPOSERS #1: is the first talk of a new series exploring the works and lives of the women composers throughout history who have fallen into obscurity through no other fault than their gender.
On a monthly basis we'll be discovering and exploring names that aren't yet well known, and delve a little deeper into ones that haven't been completely lost to history. We'll explore the historical and socio-political situations that led to their work being devalued, and find out what we can learn from their life and work. The format of each evening will be an introductory talk, a short performance or excerpt of their work, and an open discussion afterwards.
In a time where the world is fast starting to ask questions about those left behind, the classical music establishment is slow to move its feet: it is time to start understanding and belatedly acknowledging the trailblazers from the past, as well as provide a space to appreciate and celebrate their work.
So bring along your curiosity: let us spread the word, disseminate the information (whilst de-semen-ating music), and stimulate the urge to keep discovering hidden musical gems of the past and near present


12. Jan. 2022

We are happy to announce the 3rd round of our NFT Stammtisch in KAPiTAL. We have decided to place this on the second Wednesday of the month to make it easier to plan and remember. If you would like to join online please send me an email on and I will set up a link from where you can join. More info on topics will follow.


22. Dez. 2021

It's getting close to Christmas and last chance to get the last presents done. Come to this years last KAPiTAL DRiNK and DRaW and get the last ones sketched up. We have the equipment and the best Glühwein in town. Join us from 20h


15. Dez. 2021

We are happy to invite you to the KAPiTAL NFT Stammtisch round 2. Lenara Verle will again be our crypto expert, and we will continue the discussion about NFTs and take questions from the audience so we all can get a better understanding of the world of crypto art. So, please join us with your questions, ideas or know how.
Due to the uncertain times this may have to move to an online platform. We will keep you informed about the developments, but we are hoping that we can still host you.

Artist talk ...thabo thindi

5. Dez. 2021

...thabo thindi just released his new book
Black faces in white? space, a street photography book which challenges and interrogates the reluctance of Germany to deal with its structural, social and political racism.
This is one of the many city intervention emerging to RE:claim space and connect the black masses. To begin the process of healing for us as black folks whose beauty, dignity, pride and confidence have been tarnished by the white systems, values and perceptions.
Systematically as black people we have been sidelined, marginalised and of course abused and discriminated for centuries. We have been displaced, robbed of our human rights and presented as starving criminals only good for spreading curable disease.
Black faces in white? space intervention in the streets, museums, galleries and online commits itself to challenge and change this "white image" of black folks by presenting us in dignified and empowered manner the way we see ourselves through our own lens.

RiCOCHET book launch at KAPiTAL

28. Nov. 2021

"The term ‘ricochet’ is a means to discuss unintended consequences, rapidly delivered information and viral outbreaks, but it is also used to describe the way in which sound echoes or reverberates against objects in space."
Join us for the book launch of Alex Head's new book Ricochet that has now arrived in Berlin. This is a work of history, art and biology that is explained in detail through over 100 graphic elements developed with the artist Jørn Aargaard. It is 304 pages, full color and offset printed including sources from contemporary and ancient historical records. Among other culturally silenced artefacts, it connects the history of the sacred date palm tree from 12,000 bce to the German Secret Service building of 2016. Alex will bring a handful of books so please bring money.
This talk will be live streamed on IG
Read more:
Photo by: Ivar Kvaal See less


23. Nov. 2021

Live Radio from the bar!
Broadcasting on 88.4FM in Berlin, 90.7FM in Potsdam.
15:00 Story For Food
16:00 Syrphe
17:00 The Music of Trains, Gabi Schaffner
18:00 Elle Dit: Between Waves with GG1
19:00 Gorgo with JD Zazie
20:00 Black Sail Sound with Ili Os
21:00 Word Bank with Lady Gaby
22:00 Gestaltterapi with kirsty kross & Mattias Hellberg
23:00 Loretta y LaBeouf

KAPiTAL Drink & Draw

17. Nov. 2021

Drink and draw is an evening where we invite people to come and hang out in KAPiTAL and do sketching, drawing or simply sit and doodle with a pen and paper. We have basic equipment available like pens, paper and clipboards but if you would like to use your fancy, high standard drawing tools, please feel free to bring it along. Come by for a nice and sketchy evening in KAPiTAL and meet other drawing enthusiasts.


13. Nov. 2021

KAPiTALS 7th birthday will be celebrated with a with a session by Rafi Gazani who plays a fusion between traditional Arabic sounds and electronic music made with love in Berlin. By bringing electronic beats and Arabic melodies into a sophisticated combination, he creates new music that make people be present and happy. Rafi is known for his amazing bright energy and creativity, and he will bring the small KAPiTAL backroom dance floor to live for a night of birthday celebrations!

Surreality show ZERO LiKES in KAPiTAL

9. Nov. 2021

After two years of pandemic we are back offline in KAPiTAL.
Join us for an intro of the experimentations of the creation process and reflection about the capital of images followed by a talk about NFTs.

Artist talk Lina Zylla

6. Nov. 2021

Lina Zylla graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 2019, and she currently has her studio in "städtisches Atelierhaus Baumstraße" in Munich.
Her artistic practice focuses on the manipulation of reality and revolves around the question of how it is triggered and preserved. In her installations and performances she reacts to the respective spaces in a painterly visual-acoustic way. Through their three dimensionality the glass drawings offer the possibility of dissolving the immanent concept of painting and creating a walk-in picture. Her glass and sound installations are an approach of painting in space, with deformed and painted glass panels leaning against the walls. The sound in connection with the works in the room adds a narrative level and concentrates on musical memory.
In doing so, Lina Zylla's superimposed voice and singing oscillates between the spiritual and ironic understanding of reality and gives no definition.
For this talk she will show the movie that was shot and produced in Italy this September, showing a performance in the rural landscape. Her research concentrates on bringing sound and painting into space.
Video concept & camera: Mathias R. Zausinger, Patrik Thomas. Audio Mastering: Simon Kummer. The material for the glass works was supported by the Alexander Tutsek Foundation. This filming project was supported by the program „Junge Kunst und neue Wege des Freistaats Bayern“ and the Gisela und Erwin von Steiner Foundation.
The talk will be moderated by Berlin based freelance curator Daniel McGettrick.
For more movies go to:

Sean Lìonadh on piano

19. Okt. 2021

Sean Lìonadh is a poet and musician from Glasgow, Scotland - his award-winning short film poem, Time for Love, was seen by over 16 million people online. With haunting vocals, and both pop-rock and baroque influences, his work bring poetry and music together, with hints of Nick Cave and Scott Walker

deutscher gangstarap - ein kneipengespräch

24. Sept. 2021

Martin Seeliger im Gespräch mit Marc Dietrich

Life drawing / Louise Markise

24. Aug. 2021

Life Drawing
Dienstag 24. von 20h bis 22h
Dynamische Posen
(1min bis 11min)
Maximal 10 personnen
Reservierung bei Louise !
Louise : " Leute, ich freue mich saaaaaau sehr für euch Modell zu stehen und eure wunderschönheiten wieder zu sehen !!! Wenn ihr kommen wollt, schreibt mir auf messenger oder insta, damit ich euch eine Platz reserviere ❤️ eure Loulou "
Das Kapital :

Artist Talk with Matěj Boček Dokoupil

15. Juli 2021

This project is trying to find or imagine future shapes of human body and mind. Shapes which we need to start forming now. These new forms of our beings will be determined by our surroundings, by our environment. Our minds will bend around stones, around planets. This is my imagination of future utopia.

Seating is limited to 20 and a negative Covid test dated 15.07.2021 is required for admission.
The event will also be livestreamed

Ghostship meets Octologue in Rixdorf

29. Okt. 2020

RESEARTCH a Term – best described, by fully Embodied Poetic Experience – of Peter Tommila - gives a Touch of his Work or a Taste – for an hour or more - two Roads, one of logic & theory, one Without or Beyond just that: Words, Listening, Action, Sights, and the Bar is Open: Transformation / personal & universal / a reoccurring Theme / Ambiguous Meme - being Civilized / Ritualized - Some volunteering to Unspeakable Acts - a River of Expression running it´s Course through / a person in Full Liberation: not why, but How. Then Space for Q & A : Discussions, Rationality, Analysis, Signing-ups for more – Yes More: Researtch is Open for Bookings and Collaborations. Further info: . Performative - Welcome ❤

The Librarian of Babel

26. Okt. 2020

The group The Librarian of Babel unveils its new exhibition: a collection of masks from 100 years in the future. Jurors Dermis León, Quintín Rivera Toro and Head Librarian Paula Billups will discuss the work in a roundtable. The masks will appear via digital projection.

Michal B. Ron & Daniel Chluba Read A Pamphlet

11. Okt. 2020

AAAAA PPPPP Publishing presents its first reading in the series "Pamphlets". A pamphlet is a very concise piece of writing, setting it down to the essentials, and so short you can read it at dinner.
18:45 Empfang mit Champagne. Grußwort der Verlegerin AAAAA PPPPPP Publishing (auf Deutsch)
19.00 First pamphlet by Daniel Chluba "Capitalism Feels like Minimal Art", read by Michal B. Ron (in English)
19:10 Second pamphlet by Michal B. Ron "Open Call: SystemUNrelevant" read by An Paenhuysen (in English)
19:20: Verkauf / Sales
19:30 Schluss / End

Coming to Our Senses and Making Sense of the South African Past in Berlin

24. Sept. 2020

Duane Jethro is a scholar and Rixdorfer based in Berlin but soon to be Repatriated to Cape Town, South Africa. The event is a commemoration of Heritage Day in South Africa, drawing on his book about heritage and the senses. Duane will read a short selection of passages that are accessible and which give an understanding of heritage dynamics today in South Africa, but also about being in between, about nostalgia, longing, smell and home that ties in Berlin.

Pilot edition - Panafrican festival Berlin

1. Sept. 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we had to readapt our project by bringing our content to a smaller scale. But what counts is that our festival is still going to happen ! Below is the line-up with the time and place (still likely to change though)
TUESDAY 01.09.2020 @ Pan Africa
7pm: Exhibition opening for artwork from Innocent Buregeya & Umuhire MweneMuntu Isaac
7.30pm: food degustation by Frank Anyangbe
8.30pm: Live painting session
9pm: Speech from Nelli Foumba, founder of Kommit Africa

WEDNESDAY 02.09.2020 @ Pan Africa
8pm: Online concert streaming ( Artists VAB- Visage Artistique du Burundi)
9.00pm: WAPANI live concert ( Music from Burkina Faso)

7:30pm: Book presentation by InterKontinental
8:30pm: food degustation by Frank Anyangbe
9pm: "Café Littéraire " on 2 more books followed by Q&A

FRIDAY 04.09.2020 @ Il Kino
6.00pm: Introduction of Total Plural e.V. , Afro-Deutsche Ateliers + screening of "Diversity Talks""
6.30pm: food degustation by Frank Anyangbe
7.00pm: Screening of trailer "Sénégal Deutschland générateurs"
7.30pm: Presentation of AMPO International e.V. + Screening of "AMPO - Der Film"
8.00pm: Presentation + screening of "Weit weg Zuhause" from Malcolm Peters

SATURDAY 05.09.2020 @ Pan Africa
10am: opening of Market with selling stands:
- Upendo Shop Berlin
- AMPO International e.V.
- InterKontinental
- Tiflut by Ira
6pm: Live painting session
8pm: Heart Beats of Africa live concert
9.30pm: Emily Intsiful live concert
For more info contact and for adding content:
We are looking forward to see you there!


23. Aug. 2020

The collection is back up and we look forward to showing the redecorated KAPiTAL.

Since Space is restricted due to the size of the room and new regulations, we hope for your understanding when access is limited.
Come join us in the afternoon for a drink and a discussion about the future of our curatorial concept. Welcome Home!

The Future of the Foundry

24. Apr. 2020

Started in 2018, the Foundry is a self-organized space for intellectuals, artists, and all those who want to share knowledge, develop projects and create outside of the confines of market, university and other institutional funding structures. Located in an ensemble of abandoned buildings in a valley in rural Galicia, the aim of the project is to liberate space and regain some autonomy over our working conditions. More info at
At this meeting we will discuss the future of the Foundry. There are many open questions about how to develop an ethos of care and a practice of putting-in-common. We will bring up some of the issues we have run into and discuss how to move on from here. Also, we would like to talk about potential future events, residencies and collaborations. The meeting is open to everyone interested in the practicalities of self-organization or who wants to visit the Foundry at some point

The Fabric of you

20. Feb. 2020

Josephine Lohoar Self is a Scottish BAFTA nominated writer and director, working with live action and stop motion animation. As a part of the Berlinale Talents, she presented a selection of her films at KAPiTAL. From early student experimental works, to her most recent film, 'The Fabric of You'.
The event was filmed as part of Berlinale Talents.

Deeply Personal, Sweetly Soulful, Searing and Brave

23. Jan. 2020

Deeply Personal, Sweet, Soulful, Searing and Brave - A life-changing new performance piece from Jon Whitten (Royal Opera House, SOHO theatre, Tiny Desk Concerts) which combined music, theatre, puppetry and live art making it at least four times more impressive than any show that is only one of those things.

Portrait Photo taken by Cassandra Posada Garcia

FriendZone.Studio presents La Puente

18. Dez. 2019

Friendzone.Studio presented the brand-new photography book "La Puente" at KAPiTAL on December the 18th at 8pm together with photographer Charlotte Schmitz. "La Puente" portrays women working in the biggest brothel in southern Ecuador. The aim with this project is to allow for a more complex understanding of sex workers, by letting them create and define their own narratives and to overall challenge perceptions of how sex workers are being seen and portrayed in our societies.


16. Dez. 2019

After a two-year long journey around the world, in various festivals (in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, India) collecting notable distinctions, THEOX was screened in Berlin in KAPiTAL. Director Giorgos Nikopoulos was there to discuss the film, its social - political symbolism, the animating technique he used to incarnate the characters, his academic research in shadow puppetry and traditional performing art forms combined with contemporary animation.

The infinite possibilities of paperfolding

8. Dez. 2019

Danish paper artist Simon Nomis uses his expertise in Origami to create unique hanging mobiles with a variety of original Origami figures. He has been folding paper since childhood, which can be seen in his works that are full of life, balance and expression. In the talk he introduced us to the world of origami and share his story with us.

Nina Schönefeld : Talk for the Project Space Anniversary

11. Nov. 2019

For her talk at KAPiTAL Nina E. Schönefeld screened her movie L.E.O.P.A.R.T. (2019, 17:13 min.) a part of a trilogy along with DARK WATERS (2018, 15:55 min.) and SNOW FOX (2018, 10:03 min.)
The focus of Nina E. Schönefeld in general lies on political, social and digital changes in society... phenomena of abrupt shift... people and organisations who are radically different.

Maroulita de Kol

10. Nov. 2019

What does tradition mean, how is it still relevant in modern times and how can we relate to it?
"Tradition offers music for the simple as well as the monumental moments in life, from weddings-funerals to songs for washing the clothes in the river." Maroulita de Kol is a Greek pianist, singer and composer living in Berlin. She studied piano performance at the Music and Science Department of the University of Macedonia where she graduated in 2010.

Street Philosophy preview of Kümmere Dich

16. Okt. 2019

Back in 2019 Arte came by and filmed part of one of their episodes for Street Philosophy. Who are we? And how do we want to live? Street Philosophy looks for answers to life's big question on the streets of Berlin.

In this episode Ronja Von Rönne meets the Neukölln resident Jan, who visits his grandmother every weekend, the rapper Tua, the philosopher Dennis Peterzelka and the politician Philipp Amthor. Why is it good to take care of others and to take responsibility when we don’t gain anything from it? Who am I responsible for? And what would Kant and Nietsche have said? The episode was presented for an audience followed by an Q&A.

Work-In-Progress Presentation: Contemporary Theatre in Ukraine

14. Sept. 2019

The theatre residency 'Catch a Cat' gives young artists from Ukraine space and time to develop new ideas and connect with the local and international theatre scene. It seeks to foster a sustainable, creative exchange between Germany and Ukraine. After five days of workshops they presented their work in a final event, which included a performance and a discussion. The project 'Catch a Cat' has been funded by and implemented within the framework of MitOst e.V.

48 Stunden Neukölln

14. Juni 2019

Since its opening in 2014, KAPiTAL participated every year in the art festival 48 Stunden Neukölln and provided visitors with exciting artist talks. 48 Stunden Neukölln is a forum for projects in all conceivable artistic disciplines found in the art scene in Berlin. The festival both presents and supports art, thereby contributing to discussions of ideas effecting society at large while also reflecting said society. All segments of the local population get involved, regardless of age, ethnic background or social standing. Art here is something more than what's on view in galleries and museums during 48 Stunden.

Bing, Bing Klick - Chat-Poetry-Lesung

6. Apr. 2019

Collectext invited to an evening of bing, click and clack. Giving our silent, but meaningful messenger feeds a voice and treat them like poetry.
Special guests: Anna Mayr mit ihrem Chat-Bot, Michelle Obama

Birthday Ball Art Auction

10. Nov. 2018

In celebration of KAPiTAL's 4th birthday 125 pieces of art made by artists who have done talks in the past was put on auction by auctioneer Jan Kage.

Writers' Stammtisch

10. März 2022

Join the Berlin Writers' Workshop on the second Thursday of the month at KAPiTAL for our Writers' Stammtisch, where writers and readers meet and socialize.
Everyone is welcome, especially new faces. Come have a drink and chat with writers and readers, current and former students, and BWW faculty members.
Hosted by KAPiTAL and Berlin Writers' Workshop.

Poetry is Everywhere - Open Mic at KAPiTAL

3. März 2022

Open mic dedicated to poetry at KAPiTAL
This is an open project with the idea of bringing people together to celebrate our common passion for writing and reading poetry. Bring your poetry and the poets you love.
POETRY IS EVERYWHERE, in music, video, drawings. All kinds of art are welcome. It is a place for all artistic expressions you find poetic. However, we want to draw attention to the lack of multilingual poetry gatherings. Thus, the spotlight is given to poetry reading.
POETRY IS EVERYWHERE, in many cultures, in many languages, in many ways . Even though language limits our full understanding of a poem, language is only one part of what poetry means.
ALL LANGUAGES ARE WELCOME. Bring it in and we will all enjoy listening. Please do not bring in any poetry that is racist, sexist, ableist, queer phobic, or has any kind of bias and prejudice related to it. It's a safe place for people to speak up too if they feel uncomfortable with whatever is being read. Poetry is political and if you need to talk about it, we will definitely talk about it.
Beware of poems with sensitive content (trauma, sexual assault, abusive relationship...), it is important that we are all aware that people can also feel triggered by poetry. So let's do our best to create a safe environment for everyone.
Any questions just send a message to @nadinicoco on instagram

Invitation to Suicide (comedy) - screening and introduction by Loren David Marsh

24. Feb. 2022

Join us for the screening of Invitation to Suicide by Berlin based film maker Loren David Marsh.
In the tradition of absurdist black comedies like the classic Harold and Maude, Invitation to a Suicide is about a man selling tickets to his own suicide to save his father's life.
Raised in an insular Polish immigrant neighborhood in Brooklyn where his only future would be as a poor baker like his father, Kaz Malek attempts to steal from a Russian mobster and run away. Not cut out for a life of crime, he ends up owing $10,000 to the mobster instead, who threatens to kill his father if he doesn't pay.
Unable to pay or face his father's death, Kaz comes up with a novel plan: he'll hang himself and sell tickets to the show. He'd rather be a dead hero than a living loser with the guilt of his father's death hanging over his head. Kaz is surprised to find both the mobster and the neighborhood extremely supportive of this idea, not to mention his father.
But even if he can sell the tickets will he really go through with it? By the time this dark comedy reaches its surprising conclusion, Kaz learns that sometimes embracing death is the only way to a better life.
Loren David Marsh has written, produced and directed a short film, Virginity, and two independent feature films, Mission and Invitation to a Suicide. His films have played at festivals around the world including Berlin, Telluride, the Hamptons, AFI Los Angeles and the HBO Comedy Film Festival. Night to be Gone, his third independent feature, will be released later this year. He lives in Berlin where he is in pre-production on a German-language feature film project called F for Fittko about his German family's role in the resistance during the war.
Screening time 90 minutes


22. Feb. 2022

Colaboradio's live programme, broadcasting from Das Kapital on 22.2.22, starting at 2pm:
2pm: elements hosted by Kate Donovan with special guests Kat Austen and Michelle-Marie Letelier
3pm: TBA
4pm: Black Sail Sound with Ili Os
5pm: UncontrolledImprovisation with Sten Rudstrøm and Sabine von der Tann
6pm: Elle Dit hosted by Florence Freitag
7pm: Story For Food
8pm: Gorgo with JD Zazie
9pm: Word Bank with Lady Gaby and friends
10pm: Salon Bruit Double Duo Date
11pm: Loretta y LaBeouf
Tune in on 88.4fm in Berlin, 90.7fm in Potsdam or online.. see also the full programme here:

I Don’t Feel It

11. Feb. 2022

Silent EP listening (and doodling) session in the backroom, followed by an artist talk by Cozy Shorts about the EP. Questions welcome!
Live acoustic performance from Cozy Shorts at the bar, playing songs from the EP and more.
I'll be handing out download codes of "the cozy cuts," a bootleg album with all the songs that didn't make it to the EP, but still have a place in my heart 💚
For everyone far away, it will also be livestreamed on the Kapital instagram page ( Hope to see you there 😊
“I Don’t Feel It” is an indietronica EP by Cozy Shorts, a Berlin-based bedroom producer. The EP is a synthesis of the past three years of Cozy Shorts' life, moving to a new country, realising success isn’t what it looks like, and starting therapy. Cozy Shorts will be playing "I Don't Feel It" at KAPiTAL on its release date as a high-energy acoustic set, including the already-released "City Love" and reworks of songs from his 2015 EP, "Content."
Cozy Shorts’ compositions start from the computer as a place to tie together field recordings, live instruments, and prose etched into his journals. From these pieces, his songs catch lives of their own. Friends have compared his style to Darwin Deez, Ben Gibbard, David Byrne, John Maus, and LCD Soundsystem.
Cozy Shorts comes from the small town of New Paltz in upstate New York. He learned piano, guitar, and saxophone growing up and joined a local band. He made his own techno music in his high school computer lab and handed out his CDs in the hallways. His most recent project was the release of an unmixed, unmastered, unpromoted EP in 2015 titled “Content” created during a 6-month stay in Baltimore. In 2021, John left his career as a designer to spend more time with his music.



25. Jan. 2022

Live Radio from Das Kapital!
Broadcasting on 88.4fm in Berlin, 90.7fm in Potsdam and online at

3pm Story For Food
4pm Syrphe
5pm Aporee Sound Maps
6pm Elle Dit with FEM* Music
7pm elements with kate donovan
8pm Gorgo with JD Zazie
9pm Word Bank with Lady Gaby
10pm Black Sail Sound
11pm Loretta y LaBeouf


5. Jan. 2022

It's the first Wednesday of the year and it's time to draw your new years resolutions and other promises for 2022. As Always, we have basic supplies so just bring your new year inspiration. We are looking forward to hosting you with nice drinks and promising doodles

Amour Fou at KAPiTAL

16. Dez. 2021

Amour Fou is the dreamy sound creation of singer/songwriter Lisa from the alternative noise-pop band This Love Is Deadly.
On February 27th 2020 Amour Fou released her debut album „Dear Fear“ – a collection of dreams, desires, fears... cosmic sparks that let her speak the things she cannot express otherwise.
Next to Louis – guitarist and sound visionary of This Love Is Deadly – on bass, it features both members of Capetonian dream-noise duo Medicine Boy, with Lucy Kruger on backing vocals and drums, as well as André Leo adding his trademark fuzz guitar sounds and drones.
You can listen to and download the album over at Bandcamp. Or stream it via Spotify.
After one and a half years of corona uncertainty, lockdown, personal challenges and heart expansion, Lisa is ready to take to the stage again and will perform a stripped down solo set of mainly new songs.
Before she picks up the guitar, she will talk a little bit about her musical journey, the spark of inspiration and the intimate space in which her musical reflections take shape in a fragile and raw conversation with the listener.
‘Dear Fear’ Single:
Sounds & Impressions:
Event invite photo by Carla Janson.


8. Dez. 2021

It's Wednesday and after a weeks pause, it's again time for another round of Drink and Draw at KAPiTAL. We serve the drinks, and tonight there will also be food available in the bar. So sharpen your pencils and bring your best inspiration for another night of sketching and doodling.

John Kameel Farah, piano + electronics

1. Dez. 2021

John Kameel Farah is a Canadian pianist and composer who embraces aspects of Early & Experimental Music, Improvisation, Middle-Eastern Music rhythms and modes and all forms of Electronic Music. He studied piano and composition at the University of Toronto, where he was a two-time recipient of the Glenn Gould Composition Award, and afterwards took private lessons with minimalist composer Terry Riley in California. In performance he combines the piano with effects processing and synthesizers, moving freely between improvised fugues, drone soundscapes, Near Eastern scales and modes, and driving, asymmetrical rhythms, referring to it as “Baroque-Middle-Eastern-Cyberpunk”.
Photo by Markus Werner


24. Nov. 2021

It's Drink and Draw night again in KAPiTAL. Come by and show off your best doodling over drinks and good music. We have the basics but please bring your gear if you want to go big.

Positive Hardcore in KAPiTAL

19. Nov. 2021

Naia Burucoa (Baiona - Basque Country) and Lea Marie Uria (Lomas de Zamora - Argentina) met in Berlin and started to talk about playing music together exactly in a moment where Lea Marie was trying to reconstruct the story of her Basque ancestors. She "found" them (or they "found" her, thanks to Naias help) and then they created Positive Hardcore together, an electro-experimental duo where everything is sung or said in Basque, about things like (queer) identity, transness, and nature.


14. Nov. 2021

1781 is an international collective of musicians and interdisciplinary artists. Launched in Autumn 2018, its mission is to explore new listening and performance methods with music, and offer an alternative to the traditional music industry for both audiences and creators.
Born in Berlin, the organisation has spent the past 18 months building their community, whilst also curating performances at Garbicz Festival and Monopol, whilst hosting their own project, LABYRINTH: The Cabinet of Curiosities around Berlin.
Join founder Chris Lloyd for a piano performance that could be anything from normal, to ritualistic, to outright strange, as a little tasting menu of Collective philosophy and practice.


11. Nov. 2021

Non Fungible Token (NFT) is the new buzzword in the art world. KAPiTAL has therefore launched a gallery project where we aim to investigate the new digital technology. We have invited our house artists to create NFTs and together develop a broader perspective of the world of crypto art.
To make knowledge more available to newbies of the crypto world, we would like to create a discussion group and invite artists, art collectors and people just interested in the world of NFTS to a series of talks. We imagine a crypto Stammtisch where we invite different specialists, passionate researchers and critics of NFTs to discuss; and where we of course invite the audience to come forward with any type of questions and concerns.
The first talk will be an introduction to the world of NFTs and what they are. We have invited Lenara Verle, a Berlin-based artist and researcher who has worked extensively with crypto currencies, to introduce and to moderate the talk. She is the author of the article How to explain cryptoart to your mother-in-law:
During the talk we will do a raffle with gift wallets and NFTs so you can end up walking out with a wallet full of crypto art

Artist talk Elizabeth Gerdeman and Michael Hahn

7. Nov. 2021

Double feature artist talk at KAPiTAL with Elizabeth Gerdeman and Michael Hahn.
Elizabeth Gerdeman considers the often conflicting ways we conceive of the natural world by interrogating the cultural construction of landscape. Her approach is multidisciplinary, creating mixed-media collages, installative paintings and experimental videos.
Her presentation gives focus to how images of landscape in advertising and art influence the contemporary value of nature, home, and place.
Michael Hahn will present and discuss recent works featuring objects, videos and installations that focus on an awkward kind of joy, which can take the forms of amusement, comfort or even distraction.
"These objects and situations are easy to befriend. Just having a good time and taking people out of their potentially destructive thinking, if only for a moment." -Michael Hahn


26. Okt. 2021

live radio from the back room!
Kate Donovan & Gabi Schaffner
Word Bank with Lady Gaby
Loretta y LaBoeuf
88.4fm Berlin 90.7fm Potsdam

Artist talk Willi Tomes

15. Okt. 2021

Willi Tomes (born 1979) is a Berlin based artist. From his studio in Neukölln he experiments with materials and has a constant search for new ways to make art in the form of pictures and sculptures. His favourite material has in the last decade been vinyl that he breaks and reassembles on aludibond and creates mosaic pictures. Most of these are abstract landscapes creating a flow with the material and not with the motive alone. His new series of works are made of used sandpaper and leather. It has helped him understand new surfaces and the meaning of emptiness.
For this evenings talk he will be talking about his work with sandpaper and leather that was started during the pandemic. The mix of materials, instead of using colours, attracts the eye and the mind in a different way. The works he will show are smaller ones on canvas. His work with these materials were a part of his vinyl mosaics work, but it has become its own series of work since.

Offene Atelier Neukölln

19. Sept. 2021

Für das Festival öffnet das KAPiTAL am Karl-Marx-Platz extra früh um Werke aus 7 Jahren Kunst Konversationen zu zeigen. Das sind 100 Arbeiten aus 600 Salon-Abende am Tresen der kleinen Bar. Das Projekt feiert am 11.November Geburtstag unter dem Motto "Kunst is’ Kapital"

Performance and Artist Talk with Teresa

17. Juli 2021

Saya(Teresa) was born and raised In Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 25 she moved to the US to discover more about western culture. Shortly after, she went back to Tokyo and start writing her original songs in Future Trip Hop style. In 2019 she moved to Berlin, after publishing several single tracks. In summer 2020 she released her debut Ep "I am from Future"


18. Juni 2021

Begegnungen. Spontane Aufeinandertreffen, neugierige Blicke und gedämpfte Konversationen in dämmrigen Bars, tanzende Körper, die sich in vollen Clubs unwillkürlich nahekommen. Die Notwendigkeit von Begegnungen ist uns nach über einem Jahr im Ausnahmezustand sehr viel deutlicher bewusst geworden. Diesem neuen Bewusstsein wollen wir Raum geben. Auf Basis von experimentellen Prosatexten zum Thema werden in einer Tanzperformance Aspekte wie Körperlichkeit, Nähe und Berührung unter dem Einfluss von Isolation untersucht, bewegungsimprovisatorisch verarbeitet und anschließend videographisch interpretiert.
Encounters. Spontaneity and curiosity, hushed late-night conversations in dim-lit bars, dancing bodies getting closer in crowded clubs. The exceptional state of the pandemic made us more conscious about the necessity of those encounters.
We want to give space to this new awareness. Based on experimental prose texts on the subject, aspects such as physicality, closeness and touch under the influence of isolation will be explored in a dance performance, processed in movement improvisation and then interpreted videographically.
Imaginative Encounters was created by Yannis Karalis and Tamaris Vier.
Camera: Spiros Stamelos
Video: Semiramis Mamata
Sound: Daphne Tsiouni
supported by: Communitism Athens
thanks to: DAS KAPiTAL, Du Beast Bar Berlin
To access the video please visit our event on the 48h Neukölln website:


27. Okt. 2020

Boradcasting live on 88.4 FM in Berlin, 90.7FM in Potsdam
and streamed at
15:00 JD Zazie - exploration in sound
16:00 Kate Donovan & Gabi Schaffner - Site & Signal. Radio Art Ecologies. Lecture-transmission for the Ecology, Site and Place, Piteå International Performing Arts Biennial
18:00 Berliner Runde hosted by elle dit - mit Filmfest FrauenWelten
19:00 Story For Food - the Radio Show
20:00 Salon Bruit - Supersonic
22:00 Loretta y LaBeouf - No, not that one, the other one
23:00 Syrphe - aus Asien, Afrika und Latein Amerika

Keine Zeit sich zu beeilen

22. Okt. 2020

ArtistTalk mit Filip Machač
Ein Gespräch mit in Berlin lebendem Fotograf Filip Machač über Straßenfotografie, Fotografie und Berlin
„Für mich ist das Prozeß des Fotografierens immer eine Form der Kommunikation mit der Umgebung und den Elementen, die ich um mich herum sehe. Die Art, wie man sich bewegt, die Perspektiven, die man wählt, der Blickwinkel, ist für mich die Art und Weise, wie man kommuniziert. Jede Fotografie ist gleichzeitig der wiederholte Versuch, ein Bild von sich selbst einzufangen“

S T O R Y_C I R C L E ; STORY FOR FOOD 4th bday

27. Sept. 2020

This September,
𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗬 𝗙𝗢𝗥 𝗙𝗢𝗢𝗗 celebrates its 4th birthday!
This initiative was founded by writer and actress Christina Kyriazidi and is devoted to the collection and archiving of previously undocumented stories. Whether it’s a memory of a grandparent, a humorous exchange, a love story or an anecdote about a long lost friend, the tales that have been gathered to date are personal and provide an insight into the lives, thoughts and memories of others.
To celebrate 4 years of the STORY FOR FOOD project and 2 years of our radio show on Colaboradio @ Berlin Brandenburg Freies Radios, we are hosting a special event in Berlin.
On the 27th September we invite you to join our first【STORY CIRCLE】at DAS KAPiTAL in Neukölln to listen to some of the stories and anecdotes that have been told to us and saved over the years. You will also have the opportunity to step into the circle, share live a story or two and become part of the SFF Audio Archive.


22. Sept. 2020

Broadcasting live from das Kapital, at Karl-Marx-Platz in Berlin on 88.4 FM, or 90.7 FM in Potsdam.
Streaming at and
15h Gorgo with JD Zazie
16h elements with Kate Donovan and MOON martina zelenika
17h Gabi Schaffner
18h elle dit - guest hosts FEM*_MUSIC*_
19h Story for food
20h Salon Bruit
22h Loretta y LaBeouf
23h Syrphe


25. Aug. 2020

Broadcasting live from Rixdorf: 88.4 fm in Berlin, 90.7 in Potsdam, streaming at
15:00 Syrphe - aus Asien, Afrika und Latein Amerika
16:00 Gorgo with JD Zazie
17:00 elements with kate donovan
18:00 Elle dit with Rosanna Lovell
19:00 Supersonic with Salon Bruit
21:00 Story for Food
22:00 Loretta y LaBeouf

Conversation with Peter Jap Lim

30. Mai 2020

With a presentation and the associated artist talk will right outside our door, we'll expand this space galactically.
On May 25th, Peter Jap Lim installed "Schwarzes Loch in Premiumlage" (Black Hole in Premium Location) in front of DAS KAPiTAL's window. On Saturday, May 30th, he will share his thoughts on this work with us. The interview is conducted by Ludwig Seyfarth, author, curator and art historian, who is very familiar with Peter's work. It takes place on the sidewalk in front of our location and is streamed as usual on our website DAS KAPiTAL


5. März 2020

Colaboradio airs and streams every Tuesday 6am - 6am Wednesday as a part of the FRBB (Freie Radios Berlin Brandenburg)
On the 4th Tuesday of the month they make a live show from KAPiTAL.

Panther Ray - an open platform on water

6. Feb. 2020

Panther Ray - Alles im floss is a collective established in Berlin 5 years ago. The talk introduced the story of the collective, explaining how a dream of freedom and reclaiming the waters of the city became an open cultural platform on water. An upcycling project that became real through crowdfunding and the commitment of the crew, Panther Ray is constantly searching for collaborators and cultural projects to pursue.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Ted Brasko show - new endavours

22. Jan. 2020

In a show spanning music and theatre, performing artist Ted Brasko travels through ficticiuos characters and identities. The show explores the genres Rap, Trap, IDM, Singer-Songwriter, Electronica, Ambient, Classical music etc and is completed by costumes, lighting and changing guest performers

Pulau G-invitation to a public consultation

17. Dez. 2019

Pulau G (Island G) is an artificial island constructed as part of a large-scale land reclamation project on the north coast of Jakarta, Indonesia. Through various failures, its development as elite real estate is currently halted, leaving it as an awkward sandbank wasteland mostly visited by birds. Despite (or rather in answer to) spiralling global debt and environmental turbulence, large real estate projects like the one intended for Island G are premised on high-risk, high-reward financial speculation, luring foreign investors with the promise of enormous capital gains.

For the talk Jorgen Doyle, Hannah Ekin, Alex Head, and Anna Kostreva (Wasteland Twinning Network) staged a public consultation where they performed the arguments of major stakeholders in the island's future.

Women* Making Art in Public Space

14. Dez. 2019

Women* Making Art in Public Space is a female* street performance collective/open platform in Berlin that connects dance, play, theatre, music, visual art and social activism.
Their focus is to play, question and change the interactions of bodies (human and non-human) in the public space. They come from different artistic backgrounds, they share an intersectional queer feminist perspective and practices of embodiment.

rixdorfer markt

6. Dez. 2019

Rixdorfer Weihnachtsmarkt is one of the most charming christmas markets in Berlin. KAPiTAL is there to celebrate the season and serve Heisse Luft!

5 Year Birthday Celebration

11. Nov. 2019

In Germany, traditional preparation for the Carnival take place on the 11.11 from 11h11. This time of rejuvenation, of the exception and creativity is for us the time of the artists. Every year, KAPiTAL celebrates the artistic vision and puts on a cheerful mask.


9. Nov. 2019

Women have been, throughout history, portrayed as secondary characters in life and art. It's time to change the narrative and put them into the spotlight. By rewriting their stories and transforming them into main characters the workshop inspired to rethink traditional role models. It displayed an investigation of the complexity of their character, breaking with the outdated stereotypes which have been produced for many years.

B:Witch n Monk

15. Okt. 2019

Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra aka Anglo-Colombian experimental duo B/Witch 'n' Monk use bespoke electronics to bring together their unusual instrumentation of anarchic soprano vocals, irreverent guitar and subverted traditional flutes. Together they have performed across Europe and internationally, as likely to be found at prestigious jazz festivals and venues as they are improvising live in overgrown East London gardens or communist Italian skateparks. In 2016 they released 'We Are Peering Over' to critical acclaim and their upcoming album will be released in April 2020.

Photo credit: Jean-Paul Berthoin

Artist talk - Xueh Magrini Troll

14. Juni 2019

Xueh Magrini Troll aka Xuehka belongs to the third generation of female artists in her family. Drawing is her way of understanding the world around her and also to discover herself. Feminist, defender of equality and diversity, fervent lover of freedom. She studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia, Illustration at the Escuela de Arte Diez in Madrid and Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin.

Charly Roussel artist talk - Interfere Manipulation

7. Juni 2019

It's hard enough to push the giant ideologies - capitalism and communism - out of mind, long enough to imagine an alternative world. Harder still is to model such a world in art, without slipping into didactic propaganda languages, which cancel the protean human spirit, that first inspired the work. It is this dilemma that motivates Charly Roussel's art practice. For many years, his paintings have performed the messy reality of living, moving, and feeling in the world, as a subject at once expressive, desiring, and critically engaged.

KAPiTAL Schaustellung at Schau Fenster

15. Dez. 2018

The collective organized an exhibition showing its collection and works from 88 artists who have done an artist talk at KAPiTAL at Schau Fenster in Kreuzberg.

Double Good

15. Okt. 2017

Yoshihito Mizuuchi is an Osaka-based artist who experiments with found materials. He sees the creative process itself as an event to which he invites an audience to watch, participate and affect the outcome. In the surprising site-specific performance project 'Double Good' Mizuuchi was joined by poet and fellow Osaka resident Yoshinori Henguchi. Together they invited local artists to perform together in a series of movements, developing "relationships between people and people, people and places, places and places". Yoshihito and Yoshinori collaborated with Denis de bel and Taka Kagitomi in the performance.

Open Call

We all have a story to share. We are currently looking for funding and ideas to create a catalogue

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