Upcoming talks and events


Date: 25.- 26.06.22
Time: 14h 


This year, KAPiTAL is collaborating with 1781 Collective for the 2022 version of 48 Hours Neukölln. Together, we will present a marathon collaborative piano performance featuring a spectrum of professional to amateur musicians on our small 4 octave piano in our space on Karl-Marx-Platz.

Vexations is one of the extremely rare complete performances of Erik Satie’s seminal pre-Dadaist experimental piano work. Atonal, experimental, conceptual: two lines of music, with no description except ‘Play extremely slowly, repeated 840 times.’ A ridiculous yet compelling musical statement that explores perseverance, frustration, experimentation, boundary-pushing, endurance, and questions all notions of what ‘serious’ music can be. In previous versions (such as John Cage’s premiere in the 1970s), the work has taken roughly 24 hours to complete the entire cycle.

So, join us on this fantastic journey of piano vexations.

The event is a part of 48h Neukölln 2022 official program.

Karen Nicole.jpeg

Time: 20h 

Penser avec les Pieds - an artist talk with Karen Werner

Karen Werner is a sociologist and artist working with radio and performance and based in Bergen, Norway, where she is doing a 4 year artistic research fellowship called re-radio. Karen critically and creatively engages with radio as a material, medium and metaphor to open up practices of communication and collaboration. Her most recent performance is about radio signal jamming.

Karen has been creating FM radio stations, such as SkottegatenFM which operated from her dining room in Bergen, and Radio Multe 93.8fm, a city-funded FM radio station that until recently was based in a storefront. Karen is in Berlin to research community FM radio stations, reflecting on radio stations as a kind of collectivity.

In this artist talk, Karen will think with and on her feet about radio, art practice and collectivity with time for conversation on these topics together.


Time: 20h 

Artist talk with Alexandra Patricia

Saša is a Prague born Berlin based photographer that focuses on the topic of mental health and beauty. After her experience with modeling life didn't treat her the way she expected it, when out of the sudden she was diagnosed in 2020 with a psychosis.


That diagnosis changed her way how he treated life. It forced her to slow down and to enjoy the small things of life, one of them being film photography. She started her quest in looking for what makes people beautiful. Beauty regardless of the norms that are being shown in media, but beauty from what makes a person unique, no matter size, gender, sexuality or ethnicity. Her main outlet is film photography, as she carries her Nikon EM everywhere she goes.

NFT Comic_035.jpg

Time: 20h 

Artist Talk: Non-Fungible Comic - A Comic Essay on Non-Fungible Tokens

On this evening we would like to introduce you to our English-language comic essay about Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs - as a work of art and as an invitation to participate in the debate about the sense and nonsense of NFTs - hopefully beyond culture war tirades.

On our website nonfungiblecomic.org you can download, read and share our comic in advance (starting June 9, 2022) - for free and under free license.

Who are we?

The artist Noëlle Kröger from Hamburg and the comic essayist Julia Schneider aka docjsnyder from Berlin-Neukölln.

Maury111 by Lilli Nass copy.jpg

Time: 20h 

Maury111 - Musical Performance

Maury111 is a character of visions and sounds.

"Mysticosmic" is the chosen term to describe the electro-indie-pop productions layered under dreamy and creamy vocals.

On stage swirl live loops of baritone guitar, bionic sounds, inceptions and synths. Cosmic. Mystic. One.


Photo by Lilli Nass


Time: 20h 

Sorrows and delights - Artist Talk Radka Škodová

During her latest work, Radka Škodová moved from creating simplified paintings to a more complex depiction of a woman's body. However, her inseparable inspiration remains nudity.

Her paintings are not an idyllic depiction of a naked female body, with a perfect narrow waist or slender shoulders. On the contrary, human existence is characterized by its diversity, which attracts her the most as a painter. She wants to disturb the viewer and bring the current trend of perfection into contrast with the dark branch of pornography or forgotten photographs on the Internet.

Through the paintings she also investigates and reflects on her own sorrows and delights with a pinch of humor. Join us this evening when Radka Škodová invites you on a journey through her stories and inspiration for creating paintings.


Premstaller 1.jpg

Time: 20h 

The role of the artist in times of war

In springtime the artist, Christoph Premstaller, went into nature and photographed elements showing the fight between life and death. He later added short texts from Kurt Lewin, a German-American psychologist, known as one of the modern pioneers of social, organisational and applied psychology, showing how our experience with our surroundings can change in a radical way in times of crisis. The artist thus created a new expression combining the titles of the chapters with the pictures and other elements. 

During his presentation at KAPiTAL, he would like to create a room for discussions and reflections for the audience. What is the role of the artists in times of crisis like war? What can they contribute? What is the balance between altruism and egoism or responsible self-care?

Christoph Premstaller graduated in painting and graphics and has been living in Berlin for 17 years. He has worked with room installations and documenting it with photos. He now mainly works either with drawing and digital painting and with analog drawing/painting or mixing them both together.

Open Call

We all have a story to share. We are currently looking for artists to present their artistic practice. If you would like to be a part of our programme please send us your portfolio and a little bit about yourself.